Craft Ideas for 7 Year Olds

Craft Ideas for 7 Year Olds
Recently, I received this message from one of my Instagram followers:

“Suzie, can I ask for some help with Christmas? I’m finding it really hard this year. My girls are 7 and 4. The 7 year old is really into crafts”

I sent her a list of toys/games/crafts which I’d be happy to recommend for both girls but I thought that since I’d gone to the work of making up the lists, it made sense to post them here too.

So, here’s craft ideas for a seven year old.

Learn how to make origami small boxes by Djeco

Origami Small Boxes – learn how to make 4 different styles of paper boxes using the pretty paper  provided.

Make your own pom poms kit by Djeco

Pom Pom Kits from Djeco are very popular and it comes with a reusable magnetic ring so you can make as many pom poms as you like.

Melissa and Doug Build your own Birdhouse Woodwork Set for Children

This Build your own Birdhouse has pre-drilled holes so you just screw it all together and paint it.

Russian Dolls to paint

This Paint your own Wooden Dolls kit is a gorgeous wooden craft with 5 Russian dolls that fit into each other to paint.

Window Markers Galt Toys Ireland

Children love when their art is up for everyone to see and there’s no better way of showing it off to everyone than to have it on your windows! We have a set of these window markers and they are brilliant. My kids love them and I find that they are very easy to clean off the windows.


Melissa and Doug Scratch Art - Deluxe Combo Box

I personally think that Scratch Art never disappoints. I stock lots of different packs in different sizes. This one is the Deluxe Box.

Djeco Magic Markers


Magic Markers are felt tip pens that colour in one colour but when you use the white marker over the original colour, it changes it completely.

Fancy Hole Punchers

With this set of 12 hole punchers, your child will be able to make gorgeous cards and crafts.

PlayMais Mosaic- Little Forest

The Little Forest Play Mais pack contains background images and corn starch balls. Dampen the balls to stick them to the background images. The results are very effective 3D pictures.


Make your own Insect Hotel from SES Creative. Carbon neutral toy

The Insect Hotel is another simple woodwork craft that involves sticking together the wooden pieces and filling the hotel with twigs etc to welcome some insects into your garden.

Bottle Sand Art by Melissa and Doug Toys

This Bottle Sand Art comes with 3 bottles and lots of different coloured sand. You also get a funnel and instruments so you can move the sand into the bottles to make decorative ornaments.

Rainbows Make Me Smile - Sticky Notes Book

These Rainbows Make Me Smile and similar books of post-it notes are great for little people who like to leave notes for their friends and family.

Djeco - Origami Brightly Coloured Fortune Tellers

These Origami Fortune Tellers are easy crafts that can be enjoyed afterwards. Each pack comes with enough paper and stickers to make 24 fortune tellers. Choose between the brightly coloured fortune tellers or the pastel fortune tellers.

DIY Happy Families Card Game

Happy Families is a fun game for this age group as they try to collect complete families by guessing/figuring out what cards their opponents have. This is an extra cool set, as your child and others can colour in each card themselves. The game can be played without the cards being coloured in.

Make your own Flowers Spinning Tops by Djeco


We have tried one of these Spinning Top Crafts before and it went down really well in our home.

If none of these jump out at you as possible Christmas gifts for a seven year old, you can find my full range of Arts and Crafts here and my full range of toys for seven year olds here.

I will write another blog soon with the toys that I recommended for the four year old, so if that interests you too, keep on eye out here!

If you are still struggling to know what to buy, then why not consider buying a Mystery Box and say in the comments that the child particularly likes arts and crafts.

Or, if you’re also looking to buy for a younger kid too, you might enjoy my Craft Kits for 3-5 year olds blog.




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