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7 Cheap Toys that Encourage Outdoor Play

7 Cheap Toys that Encourage Outdoor Play

The summer holidays have just started and already my daughters are looking to watch more television. I’m not sure if it’s the same in your house, do your children need to really be encouraged to go outside to play? When my girls go out, they love it, but getting them out is a bit of struggle – especially for the first few days. Once they have got used to playing with the neighbour’s kids again, I will be finding it hard to get them in! If you’re thinking of investing in some cheap toys for outdoor play, here’s seven that I stock, which might interest your children (and you!)

1. Water Bombs

  1. Water bombs are great fun for all ages. But before you buy some – I’ve two things I want to highlight.

    – check your taps. Modern taps have wider spouts – which makes it virtually impossible to fill water balloons with. So, make sure some of your taps (espcially your outside tap, if you have one,) has a spout suitable. It’s horrible to buy something and then disappoint everyone by not being able to use them.

    –  if you are giving water bombs to young children to play with – remember that they probably won’t be able to fill or tie them themselves so you will be needed. So, if you’re looking for something that will entertain the children and keep you busy at the same time – these are great. If you’re hoping to get some time off – then choose a different toy!

    water balloons water bombs

    Water-balloons – €4

    2. Elastics (French Skipping Ropes)

    England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales – inside, outside, monkey’s tails”.  Do you remember this little rhyme while jumping over elastic ropes and finally attempting to land with both feet on a rope? These are a great alternative to the traditional skipping rope and unless you use furniture, it’s a great buy if you want the neighbourhood kids to play together, as 2 people need to put the elastics/french skipping ropes around their ankles while one person jumps.

    3. Street Chalks


    Sidewalk or Street Chalks are chunky chalks that children use to make patterns or drawings on the streets/footpaths/paving stones. This set comes in a handy bucket for carrying and storing the chalks. Brilliant for little hands as well as budding artists.

    4. Skipping Ropes

    Will the skipping rope ever go out of fashion? Such a simple toy that encourages exercise and outdoor play. I stock three different handle designs of skipping ropes with prices starting at €5.50.

    Skipping Ropes

    Skipping ropes


    5. Binoculars

    Whether you are spotting birds or beetles, these kids play binoculars from Melissa and Doug will keep your child busy watching wildlife around them.

    7. Kites

    Pocket Kites

    Pocket kites – €7

    It’s hard to beat a kite for an outdoor toy and I love the ones that I stock. They are small enough to fit into a picnic basket or rucksack, they are very light (as they have no poles) and they are great fun for the whole family.

    Well, there you go – 7 great outdoor toys that won’t burst the bank! Now all we need is the good weather!!

xx Suzie

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