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8 Arts and Craft Activities for Girls

8 Arts and Craft Activities for Girls

Back in May, I wrote a blog ‘8 Art and Craft Activities for Boys’, so I thought I should follow it up with a similar one for girls. Most arts and crafts suit both boys and girls, however, often the packaging is marketed for either boys or girls. I have 2 daughters who love arts and crafts, so I have a feeling I’ll find it much harder to widdle it down to 8, but here goes….

  1. Make your own Recycled Paper Beads Kit – €17

This kit makes a gorgeous birthday or Christmas present for girls aged 6 years and older. It includes a twisting contraption which you screw onto the top of a drinks bottle (not included), lots of colourful paper and glue. Making these beads is simple and fun and when you run out of the paper that is supplied, you can recycle other paper you have around the house like magazines. Once you have made enough beads, you can start making and gifting jewellery. It’s the perfect introduction to jewellery making.


  1. Design Your Own T-Shirt Transfer Kit – €6

This is a simple idea which kids of all ages can enjoy. The kit comes with a blank iron-on transfer and special crayons that work on it. It’s a good idea to get your child to draw their design on a blank piece of paper before drawing on the transfer, as once it’s done it can’t be erased. Adult supervision or help is needed when it comes to ironing it onto your t-shirt. The T-shirt isn’t included.


  1. Djeco’s Origami Small Boxes – €6.99

This Kit will teach your child how to fold the paper so that it can make 3 different boxes. In the kit, there are 24 pieces of pretty paper to get started on and over 100 stickers to decorate them with. This origami craft is designed for children aged 7 -13 years.

Learn how to make origami small boxes by Djeco

Learn how to make origami small boxes by Djeco

  1. A Weaving Loom – €17.50

I stock 4 different types of crafts that involve wool – knitting, crochet, French knitting and this one, which is my favourite and I think probably the easiest one to master. These are great kits that teach your child a new skill and will keep them busy for hours. The Weaving Loom is recommended for children aged 8+


  1. Spiro Art Pad and Accessories – €9.99

This is a lovely book that has half drawn pictures in it and spiro art wheels and stencils that can be used on each page to finish off the pictures. Once the pictures are finished, the designs can be coloured in and once the book is finished the spiro art plastic stencils and wheels can be used on other paper.


  1. Paint your own Russian Dolls – €11.50

This kit comes with 5 wooden dolls of various sizes that fit into each other. You also get a set of paints and a paintbrush. You need to draw your design on the doll and then paint it in so it suits older children as they can be more detailed with their designs. Alternatively, do it as a family activity where you all have one doll or among on a group of friends. Then remind them how they fit together in life.


  1. Shrinkles – Princess Fairytale – €12

This cool little craft involves colouring in pre-designed pictures or drawing your own. Then cutting/popping them out, placing them in a pre-heated oven (with an adult’s help) and watching them shrink so that they become much smaller, thicker and harder plastic. The kit includes accessories so you can make your new plastic items into jewellery, counters and much more. These are suitable for children once they have pencil control (approx. 4 years and over)


  1. Mould and Paint Cupcakes – €12.50

This activity box comes with plaster of paris powder, cupcake moulds, paint, a paint brush, and accessories to make the finished items into magnets, badges and more. Adult supervision is needed as your child makes up the plaster and fills the moulds with it. Once dry, they can paint them and make them into badges or magnets.


I hope this has helped you as you dry to decide what arts and crafts activities your little girl would like the most. If none of these jump out at you, you can see my full range of art and craft activities and kits on my website or you can check out my blog on Melissa and Doug’s Mess-Free Glitter in case that might interest you.

Xx Suzie

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