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A €10 Gift For Every Age

A €10 Gift For Every Age

Today is #TennerTuesday and I thought I’d show you a gift for every age (up until 12) that costs €10 or less!

0 Year Olds

Toys for less than 10 euros

Available in a Bee Design or a Duck Design, these Squeekaboo Toys are perfect for baby to grasp. They have different textures for baby to bite on and listen to and if you squeeze them, they squeak. They cost €9.99

1 Year Olds

Toys for less than €10

Acorn Wood Lift the Flap Books are gorgeous board books with a rhyming story. There are 4 books in the collection and each one costs €10.

2 Year Olds

gifts for less than €10

Djeco’s Duo Puzzles are sturdy cardboard two-piece puzzles for little hands and minds to put together. There are 4 different boxes to choose from and they cost €9.99 each.

3 Year Olds

Gifts for 10 euros

Three-year-olds generally love mucking in and doing what mummy and daddy are doing. These Kiddies Food Kutters are child-friendly knives that use sawing action instead of sharp blades to cut fruit and vegetables. They come in blue or red and I also stock Kiddies Food Peelers, which cost €10 too.

4 Year Olds

Toys for less than €10

At four years of age, children can usually master pretend play and also playing with other children (instead of beside them but not with them). Play food is great for pretend play games and this set of wooden eggs costs only €9.99

5 Year Olds

Toys for less than €10

Encourage your child’s creativity and fine motor skills with a lovely wooden stamp set. This one features farm animals, but I also stock ones with zoo animals and butterflies and hearts. They cost €8.99 each.

6 Year Olds

Toys for Less than €10

Mix your own plaster of paris, pour into the moulds and then when they are dry, paint them. This lovely Dinosaur Mould and Paint set costs only €9.99.

7 Year Olds

Toys for less than €10

Make six different Beady Keyrings with this simple kit. It costs only €8.50.

8 Year Olds

Toys and gifts for less than €10

These rub on transfers will help your child personalise their pictures and make it come to life. It costs €9.99

9 Year Olds

Gifts for less than €10

Build your own wooden airplane, attach the solar panel and then watch how the energy the sun makes, moves your plane along the ground. Only €9.99

10 Year Olds

Toys for less than €10

This fun tub of putty bounces, moulds and takes on characters when you use the eyes it comes with. It also never dries out. But the best part of this putty, is that it’s magnetic and it comes with a strong magnet. Only €9.99

11 Year Olds

Toys for less than €10

This Mini Gift in a Tin has all the metal components and tools to build your own Mini Digger. It costs €8.99

12 Year Olds

Gifts for less than €10

If your child likes intricate, paperwork or origami, then they are sure to love this Paper Toy Jaguar. It costs €8.40

This is just a small selection of the toys I stock that cost €10 or less. You can view my full range on This price range sells very quickly at this time of year but I’ll be restocking regularly so if I’m out of stock, keep an eye on my website.

If you’re sorted for toys in this price range, but you still need some stocking fillers, then take a look at my Top 10 Stocking Fillers

Thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope it helps making your Christmas shopping less stressful.

xx Suzie

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