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Do your kids play with your old toys?

Do your kids play with your old toys?

I remember waking up on Christmas Day to find a set of doll’s wooden bunk beds at the end of my bed. I was thrilled. My doll (I only remember having one) was called Irene and my sister’s doll, whose name was Alison would have lots of lovely sleeps in the bunk beds and I’ve very fond memories of tucking them in, taking them out and putting them in again! My teddies also had their fair share of using the bunk beds.

However, the sad reality, that comes across really well in Toy Story 2, is that all toys, no matter how loved they are, are grown out of. And, when this happened, the wooden bunk beds were passed along to my three younger female cousins and only the memories were left with me.

Recently, my aunt visited my parents and brought the bunk beds back for my daughters to play with! I was thrilled – probably even more than my daughters, who also loved them. These wooden doll’s bunk beds are at least 30 years old but function like they are new. Now, it’s baby  Andrew (who happens to be a girl doll) and baby Katie who get to be tucked in.

What I’ve learnt from this is that when you buy quality toys, they last generations. I have re-covered the base of the beds but apart from that – they are the same as when they were purchased.

Now I stock doll’s wooden bunk beds and when I dispatch them, I hope they will be as loved by as many children as my bunk beds have. And, mine are still going – who knows, maybe my grandchildren will play with them someday!


I’d love to hear what toys your children play with that used to be yours or even your parent’s toys!

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