3 things that make a Popzle Activity Card different from a greeting card!

3 things that make a Popzle Activity Card different from a greeting card!

I am delighted to now be stocking Popzle cards and as I launch them on my website, I asked the owner and creative designer of Popzle to be a guest blogger, explaining how Popzle Activity Cards differ from greeting cards. Thanks so much, Amy Sherwin for this insight,

xx Suzie

As I sit here and write “3 things that make a Popzle different from a regular greeting card”, I wonder if I should be writing 3 things that make a Popzle the same as a greeting card.  See, the thing is, a Popzle is actually so different and encompasses so much more, that sometimes the ‘greeting card’ gets lost amongst all its’ other benefits….


The definition of a greeting card in the Oxford Dictionaries  is ‘a decorative card sent to convey good wishes’.  And the good news is our Popzles do this, and much more.  It has all the essential ingredients;

  • a beautifully designed card
  • a place to write a message and
  • an envelope.

So, how can a Popzle be different?

1)  A Popzle is not ‘just a card’

There is nothing nicer than receiving a card in the post.  But do kids feel the same way?  How many times do you see a child barely open a card.  They either go directly to the present, or if they do get as far as opening the card, they are far more interested to see if any money falls out.  It is normally the parents who remind their children to read the card and find out who sent it.  So, why don’t we just use the money we bought the card with, to buy a bigger present!  Well, I’m sure the kids would prefer that, but we, (the parents, grandparents, and friends, etc.) want to send a card with sentiments to congratulate the child on a new birthday or special occasion.

“we want to send a card with sentiments to congratulate the child on a new birthday or special occasion”


Well, here it is, a Popzle is a card and present in one – it suits the parents and the child.  A 3D Activity Gift Card, which includes a colourful puzzle card, a separate greeting card to write a personalized message, instructions and an envelope.  With no mess, no glue and no scissors, each child can build and play with a range of characters from Dusty & Donny Dolphin , Rapido Rocket , Cassie Cow  and many more!  It can be posted, it can come with a voucher or money and even with a nice big present, just like a greeting card.  But essentially, it gives the child a small present, an activity, something that all kids will engage with, make and play.

2) A Popzle benefits a child’s development 

When I set up Popzle I wanted to engage children in a world of inventive and educational play.  I struggle with the amount of time children spend playing on mobile phones and computers and I hope to re-introduce the creativity that is so important in a child’s development.  Our Popzles do just this, stimulating imagination, creative play, motor skills and education.  They are suitable from 3 years up to teens and beyond and differ in complexity from the simpler 2 piece puzzle up to 14 pieces.  Using shapes that pop out and slot into each other, children are encouraged to use their motor skills and creativity to create their own world of imagination.  Pop Puzzle Play!


3)  Popzles are longer lasting and have multiple uses

Again, it kind of bugs me that we go to so much effort to buy that special greeting card, it is placed on the shelf for a few days and then thrown out, or perhaps for those of you like me, kept in a drawer never to be opened again until it is overflowing!  Our Popzles are designed to last longer, with the hope that you may find a little place and use for them in your home.

I hope this has helped describe our Popzles and shown how much more they are than a greeting card. Next week, I’ll be blogging again here, with some creative ideas and suggestions on how Popzles can  stay in your home longer than a few days, so please come back and read the follow on blog.

Toys and Games Ireland will be stocking a selection of our Popzles, including our popular Olly & Olivia Owl and Charlie Chopper .  Give them a go, let me know what you think, and send us your pics and clips of happy kids with their Popzles to #popzlepics


Founder and Chief Puzzle Creator

(Since writing this blog, Amy has written a follow on blog explaining how Popzle cards have multiple uses. You can read it here)


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