Top 10 Stocking Fillers

Top 10 Stocking Fillers
It’s not even November and I’m amazed at how many stocking filler toys have been purchased from my shop over the past four weeks. I think Santa is sending his elves shopping early this year!

In our house, stocking fillers generally cost €5 each and less, so I’ve based this blog on that price point. I stock a lot of toys that cost €5 or less so the elves have lots of choices, but here are the top 10…


Flying gliders retro pocket money toys

Fairy Glider Pocket Money Toys


Self Inflating whoopee cushion

Spy Glasses with Rearview Mirrors

These Spy Glasses have rearview mirrors so you can see what is happening behind you!

GoGoPo 10 Colour Pen


Gogopo Fruit Scented Erasers

This set has 5 scented rubbers in it.

  • Djeco Stickers

Djeco - 160 horse stickers

These ones are the horse ones but I also stock animals, dinosaurs, knights and princess ones.

Pop-Out-Eyes Glasses

Clockwork Wooden Train

Unicorn hatching egg

I also stock chick hatching eggs and dinosaur hatching eggs.

Toys will come in unmarked boxes and generally get delivered in the mornings (when curious eyes are in school). Check out my full range of stocking filler toys and get in before the other elves do!! LOL


PS. With Christmas approaching, people often have lots of questions about delivery. If you are one of them, check out this post on ‘Delivery Questions Answered’

PPS. If you are organising a Christmas party for children, you might like to read my blog ‘Corporate Childrens Christmas Parties’. It has gift ideas for Santa that cost €3, €5 and €10.


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