The Best Selling Dinosaur Toys for Kids

Dinosaur Toys for Kids
Dinosaurs are very popular for boys and girls and there are loads of dinosaur toys for kids that help spark imaginary play and learning. I stock a lot and often people feel overwhelmed knowing what to choose and what not to choose. It’s for that reason that I’ve written this blog with the 7 best selling dinosaur toys that I stock on Toys and Games Ireland. If you want to skip this and see the full range of dinosaur toys, then click here.

1 Make your own Dinosaur Puppets

Dinosaur Puppets

This is an origami kit where you fold the card to make 2 really cool dinosaur head puppets. It’s recommended for children aged 5+

2. Dino Hatch Eggs

Dino hatch egg

These eggs are very popular toys as they are cheap and children can afford to buy them with their pocket money or be given them as a reward for good behaviour. Santa always stocks up on loads of these for Christmas stockings too. Simply, place the egg in a bowl of water and over approximately 48 hours, the shell will crack and a growing plastic dinosaur will emerge. It doesn’t matter if your child gets several of these, as there are lots of different dinosaurs to collect and the chance of them getting one they already have, are slim.

3. Dinosaur Origami

Djeco - Origami Dinosaurs

Learn how to fold paper so that it looks like different dinosaurs with this Dinosaur Origami Set from Djeco

4. Glyptodon Excavation Set

Glyptodon Excavation Kit

Excavate the bones and then fit them together to make a glyptodon skeleton.

5.  Dinosaur Stencils

Dinosaur Stencils Djeco

These 5 plastic stencils will set your little artist up for any dinosaur pictures they wish to create. They are simple and easy to use and will help spark imagination as your child decorates their pictures and creates scenes around their dinosaurs.

6. Dinosaur Tattoos

50 Dinosaur Tattoos

These temporary dinosaur tattoos are easy to apply and look great.

7. Dinosaur Stickers

160 Dinosaur Stickers made by Djeco

This pack of stickers costs €3.50 and inside you’ll find 160 stickers (there are 80 different stickers, repeated twice). They are lovely for decorating pictures with or using for reward charts.

My stock changes regularly and this is just a small selection of what I stock. If you’d like to see the full range of Dinosaur Toys click on this link.

xx Suzie

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