Best Selling Toys in May 2022

Best Selling Toys in May 2022

It’s been a busy month of sales. Since the beginning of 2022, I’ve been posting on Instagram and Facebook my best selling toys for each month. I thought I’d change the location of this to my blog going forward. So, here’s the best selling toys on my website this month…

No. 5 – Long Skipping Ropes

With the weather improving, these playground skipping ropes are flying off my shelves.

No. 4 – Finger Monsters

These little fidget toys are cheap and cheerful. Many people add one or two to their orders to add in with larger gifts.

Best selling toys

No. 3 – French Skipping Ropes

These come in red, pink and purple and are also great for play ground fun or playing outside with friends.

No. 2 – Pocket Kites 

Pocket kites make fab gifts for all aged children. They are perfect at this time of year as they fit nicely into a backpack or picnic basket for a day out.

No.1 – Flying Gliders

There are 16 different gliders to collect. Sometimes customers order all 16 but more over people order one or two. These make great reward chart rewards or favours in party bags.

Best selling toys

You can find my full range of toys here.

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