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9 year old Boy Toys

9 year old Boy Toys

I had a request recently for toy suggestions for a nine year old boy’s birthday so I thought I’d share the request and my reply, in case it helps other people choose toys. But, before I get started, I want to say sorry for not having blogged in so long. Once lockdown hit, business exploded! The big toy shops were all forced to close and it drove people to shops which were run from home by one person. It was wonderful and crazy at the same time but I prioritised dispatching and keeping my shelves filled and things like blogging became less of a priority. Now, things are starting to return to normal (and with the kids returning to school in just over 2 weeks), I’m hoping to get back to blogging once a week again. I want to take this opportunity to thank all of you who supported my business over the past 5 months and I hope that many of my new customers will become regulars and business will continue to grow.


So, here’s the e-mail, I recieved:

Hi Suzie. Wondering what you might have for 9 year old boy – he’s interested in football but books also – He has 2 younger brothers so an active house !! As in delicate toys wouldn’t last ! 
I saw a great ball on uk website that counts as you do ‘tricks ‘ or do you have kites or old fashioned ‘jacks’ ( the game of metal pieces .. With small ball) … or any suggestions welcome please !! I need it for this week Thank you . A”

And here’s my reply (with added links and images)

Hi A,
Thanks for checking in.

That ball sounds amazing. I don’t stock it but I have something a little bit similar. It’s called Return Ball and it’s like a tennis ball that’s attached to your wrist with a piece of elastic. You throw the ball and it comes back. It’s great for learning catching.

My kites are my best selling toy since lockdown.  

Pocket Kite

Pocket Kite

This Football in a Tin set (discontinued) is a game of finger football where you have miniature boots for your fingers to wear and a small ball and goal. 

I don’t have Jacks on it’s own, but it comes in this fab box that has over 50 games.

Junior Compendium of Games

Junior Compendium of Games

I wrote a blog before lockdown with toy ideas for children that like science toys his age. You might get some inspiration there.

Last year I wrote this blog with travel toys for his age group 

Finally, you can find all the toys that I think are suitable for 9 year olds here 

Thanks again. If you want to it to arrive by Friday, try and order it by noon on Wednesday just to give it an extra day to make sure it arrives on time. Also, don’t forget the eircode. The number 1 reason why orders are delayed in arriving with customers is that the eircode hasn’t been supplied! One last thing – I’ve changed my checkout slightly so now people can choose to collect their order from me. This is the default option so you need to change it to ‘delivery’ if you want it delivered.

Thanks for coming back, I hope you can find something suitable
Kind Regards,

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