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10 Family Board Games You’ll Love Playing

10 Family Board Games You’ll Love Playing

Now that the children are back in school and the evenings are getting dark earlier, it’s time to take out the Board Games and have some fun as a family. Here are 10 Family Board Games which are great fun to play.

  1. Ludo

Wooden Ludo Board Game Safari Animals from Small Foot Design Toys

This is a game for 2 to 4 players where each player is racing to get their four counters home before the other players do.

2. The Beetle Game

The Beetle Game

The dice determines what part of the Beetle’s body you have. The aim of the game is to be the first player to have a complete beetle.

3. Charades for Kids

Charades for Kids

This game of Charades is suitable for children aged 4+ as the items/actions to be acted out are in picture form as well as written on the card.

4. Dogman – The Board Game

The Dogman Board Game - Attack of the Fleas

Dogman – Attach of the Fleas is a funny board game with the characters from the Dogman book series. It’s very popular.

5. The Yes/No Game

The Yes No Game

The Yes No Game

The aim of the game is to be quizzed but not to answer with the words ‘yes’ or ‘no’. It takes a lot of concentration and skill to master this game and is great fun in the process.

6. Chinese Checkers

Wooden Chinese Checkers Board Game from Small Foot Design Toys

This game is suitable for up to 6 players. The aim is to move all your checkers across the board to the opposite triangle. However, if you use strategy, you can block others in their journey to beat you!

7. Chess Board


For older children and adults, a set of chess can be so much fun. This is a gorgeous wooden chess set.

8. Kersplatt

Kersplatt! Board Game

This game is a little bit like Ludo but your counters are moulded by you out of play dough. Instead of dice, there are cards telling you how to move and if you get a Kersplatt Card you can splat an opponent’s counter.

9. Who’s in the Bag?

Who's in the Bag? Game

This is a really fun game for children (aged 8+) and adults. It’s not quite a board game but I decided to sneak it in here anyway!

10. Stinky Pig

Stinky Pig Game

Although, not a board game, this is a game that the whole family will be in stitches over! The pig plays a repetitive tune and you pass him around. However, he will randomly stop and fart. If you’re holding him when he farts, you take a counter. The aim is to be the person with the least counters.

I hope you can find something here that will suit the size and age of your family. If you missed last week’s blog on Card Games, you can find it here.

Have fun playing games with the ones you love the most,

xx Suzie

If you’d like to read more game suggestions, check out this blog – Fun Games for the midterm break

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