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STEM Toys for 5-9 Year Olds

STEM Toys for 5-9 Year Olds

Over the last couple of weeks, I have blogged about STEM toys. My first blog explained that STEM toys are toys that encourage children to learn Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths through play.

STEM toys

Last week’s blog focused on fun STEM Toys for pre-school aged children. This week, I’m focusing on STEM toys for children aged 5-9 years.

  1. Playing Cards – €1.50

A simple pack of playing cards can encourage STEM learning in multiple ways. Your child can try and balance/ stack them into a tower, learn some clever card tricks to play on friends or family or play card games with them. Although the term ‘STEM’ is relatively new, the games and toys can be as traditional and retro as when we played them ourselves as children!

2. Rattle Magnets – €3

Magnets teach children all about magnetic fields and what items are magnetic. We particularly love these rattle magnets as they are super strong and they are fun to gravitate towards each other and old apart.

3. Make your own Bubbling Lava Kit – €5

This little science kit usually costs €5.99 but it is currently reduced. In it, you have everything you need to make your own lava with lots of information to learn all about lava too.

4. Mini Games – Mazes – €6.50

Mazes are great for training your brain to solve problems and to look at the bigger picture as well as how to get there. I stock two types of maze puzzles for this age group. This pack from Djeco contains 30 different mazes and a pencil, so it’s perfect for bringing to a coffee shop or on an airplane. I also stock Dinosaur Dinners Mazes where the child has to bring the dinosaur through the maze to get to his dinner. The Dinosaur Dinner Mazes are on wipeable boards so they can be used over and over again.

5. Origami Airplanes – €7.50

Not only will this craft kit teach you how to fold a paper airplane, but it’s also a simple way to learn simple aerodynamics. There’s 20 airplanes and pilots in each pack, so they can be a great activity for a children’s party and you can race them after they have been made. They come in two designs.

6. Magic Show – Box of Tricks – €7.99

Your child will be able to wow all those around him/her with this box of tricks. Learning the tricks means learning how they work and perfecting their performance.

7. Connecta Straws – €8.49

Use these straws and connectors to make your very own shapes and objects. Great for imaginative play and creativity. Brilliant for putting symmetry and balance into practice.

8. Gift in a Tin – Mini Breakdown Truck – €9.50

This fun construction kit comes in a handy tin so you won’t lose parts and you can build it over and over again. It is recommended for children aged 8+.

9. Build and Paint Your Own Solar System Mobile – €9.50

Learn all about our solar system and planets through this fun craft. If you’d prefer not having to paint your solar system mobile, I also stock a glow in the dark version.

10. Grab and Go Connect4 – €10.75

This fun game of strategy and placement is great for both adults and children. This version is the travel version so is slightly smaller than the original version.

11. The Science of Colours and Light – €11.50

This fun science kit teaching children all about light and colours. A basic introduction to both with crafts to make to help understand and put into practice.

12. Gift in a Tin – Castle in a Tin – €13.95

This wooden construction kit is recommended for children aged 8+ as it involves concentration and fine motor skills to complete. It’s great fun to play with and comes in a very handy storage tin.

13. Gift in a Tin – Build your own Butterfly Nectar Feeder – €13.95

Using the materials in the tin and the instructions you can build your own butterfly nectar feeder and watch butterflies and bees frequent your garden.

14. Compendium of Games – €14.99

This box of games contains over 50 games to play, many of which include dice (number recognition, addition, etc) and card games.

15. Bingo – €14.99

Bingo is a great family game that is fun for everyone. It helps develop number recognition and order.

16. Melissa and Doug – Secret Decoder Kit – €15.99

This kit comes with invisible ink pens, a wheels code, a seek and find lens and three workbooks to figure out codes and puzzles. Perfect for this age group. I also stock a travel version here.

17. Scratch and Discover World Atlas – €20

Learn all about the world and where everywhere is using this scratch art atlas.

18. Marble Run – €36.99

This wooden marble run is fun to build and play with. Construct in in multiple ways and test it each time to see if the marble will move from the top to the bottom.

Ok, I think that’s enough for one blog! If you haven’t found what you are looking for, take a look at my full range of toys and games for this age group here.

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog. Enjoy the rest of your day,

xx Suzie

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