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15 Wooden Stocking Fillers that cost less than €5

15 Wooden Stocking Fillers that cost less than €5

Last week I blogged about stocking fillers that cost less than €2.50 and I got a massive response so I thought I’d follow up with a blog about wooden stocking fillers. A lot of people prefer to buy wooden toys, not just because they are kinder to our environment but also because they are have a nicer texture and are generally more durable. It can be hard to source affordable wooden toys so I thought I’d take this opportunity to show off 10 lovely wooden toys that cost less than €5 each.

  1. The Pick Up Sticks Game – €3.99

2. Lacing Beads in a Tube – €3

3. Catch the Ball Game – €3.50

4. Jacob’s Ladder – €4.20

5. A Wooden Sailing Boat – €2.50

6. A Flexi Robot – €4.99

7. A Yoyo – €2

8. Gepetto’s Penguins Wooden Puzzles – €3.99

9. Unicorn Pencil – €3.99

10. Pterodactyl Pencil – €3.99

11. Baby Tooth Keepsake Box – €3.50

12. A miniature Wooden Picture Book – €3.15

13. A Wooden Bracelet – €1.50

14. A Wooden Castanet – €3

15. A Wobbly Fairy – €4.99

I hope this blog has flued your imagination of what kind of wooden toys are available and affordable. If you haven’t found some that suit you, why don’t you check out my full range of wooden toys?

If you’d like to read my blog from last week showing off a range of Stocking Fillers that cost less than €2.50, you can read it here:

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