Retro Outdoor Toys

Retro Outdoor Toys
With the weather improving, it’s time to encourage our children to go outdoors again and with very little investiment, you can have them playing the way you did, when you were a child. How many of these outdoor toys below spark memories of your childhood?

A Kite

I remember flying kites as a child. I even remember attempting to make a kite with sticks and a brown paper bag! The pocket kites that I stock are one of my best selling toys. They don’t have poles, so they aren’t easily broken and they are nice and small/light making them easy to bring on days out to the beach or park. They come in little draw-string storage bags.



Chunky chalks are great for creative kids, no matter what age. I stock a drum with 50 chunky chalks,  a box that has 15 Street Chalks and a smaller box of 6 Sidewalk Chalks.

A Return-Ball

“Game Time” return balls are tennis balls that have an elastic thread attached to them. The other end of the thread is attached to a wrist band. The aim is that instead of having to have a second person to catch the ball and throw it back, the elastic does the job and your child can learn to throw and catch on their own.

Skipping Ropes

Whether you are looking for a one person skipping rope, a longer version for several kids to play together with, or a French skipping rope, you’ll find them on my website.

A Flying Disk

Scrunch Disc - Dark Purple

You can’t go wrong with one of these silicone flying discs. Again, they are perfect for bringing on a day trip to the beach or a park. Available in several colours

A Compass

Wooden Compass for children

Teach your child how to navigate with one of these cool little compasses.

A Magnifying Glass or Bug Viewer

These little toys will help your child see small details on plants and insects.

A Tug of War Rope

Tug of War Rope

Find out who is the strongest in your family with this fun game of Tug of War.

A Flower Press

Press your own flowers and then make some pictures and cards with them. These flower presses make lovely gifts.

Well, how many did you have as a child? I had 3 but would have loved at least six of them!

If you are reading this for inspiration on what to buy a child in your live but there’s just too much choice, why don’t you choose a Mystery Box and I will do the choosing for you! Alternatively, you might find what you are looking for in one of these other blogs – Outdoor Toys for Younger Kids or Outdoor Toys for Older Children. Finally, maybe you have in mind toys that encouraged nature studies. If so, my blog ‘Nature Toys‘ might be of interest to you.


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